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Explainer Blog Team went on a trip to visit Tumblr HQ right here in NYC!

Here we have (from left to right going down):

quetevala hiba-ayub sarahhnyc alittlespace forklady42 kiestria

lunarorbiter we-r-not-tour-guides

abster630 & comaniddy

Met some great people and got great insight into the world of Tumblr.

For instance:

  • bloggers are referred to as creators
  • their office is filled with artwork created by tumblr artists
  • they have the best break room filled with all kinds of yummy goodies

Thank you Tumblr, we had a blast!!

Magical things happen when you visit the awesome folk at Tumblr ♥


Yessenia points out the difference between young boys and girls going into science.

See her full video here:

Let’s say you’re a young girl who is unsure about science. You know, because of society and stuff. Then you happen to visit a science center like NYSCI. And you see young people, especially young girls like Yessenia, teaching science. Wouldn’t you be more inspired to pursue STEM?

This is why the Science Career Ladder and Explainer Program are so powerful.


On Friday August 22, 2014 the Explainer Blog Team took a trip to Tumblr Headquarters! Having never gone before, we were all super excited to meet the staff and get some insight. 

We met Katherine Barna, Betsy Cannon, Sarah Henochowicz and Janice Chang. These women told us about their backgrounds and how they attained jobs at Tumblr. It was super inspirational to hear their stories!

As a team we had many questions about how to create a more beneficial blog for our readers and we got a lot of advice that we are excited to use. Our tumblr experience was topped off with goodies and a tour of the Headquarters!

We look forward to planning a better experience for our readers and if you have any suggestions, please feel free to message us! 

Left to Right : quetevala hiba-ayub sarahhnyc alittlespace forklady42 kiestria lunarorbiter we-r-not-tour-guides abster630 comaniddy


Yours truly and the New York Hall of Science visiting Tumblr for the best day ever.


Our video about a science rapping competition just won a "Salute To Excellence" award from the National Assocation of Black Journalists!

It is an honor to win, and it was an honor to meet all the incredibly talented young rappers. I still have their songs stuck in my head. Check out their sweet science rhymes here:

This right here is one of many ways to engage youth in science.

You never forget the lyrics to your favorite song. And these students will never forget the science they learned during the Science Rap Genius Battle.

And who knows? Maybe they’ll become scientists. Maybe they won’t. But all them will have a deeper connection with the awesomeness of science. Just as I did through Sci-Tunes.

The world needs more science fans. And programs like Science Rap Genius are certainly a great way to reach that goal.

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